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RIVAL SONS - Great Western Valkyrie
Great Western Valkyrie

Great Western Valkyrie

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Jeune groupe de hard rock californien très inspiré des grands groupes du style des années 70 (Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Free...) !

Albums Originaux - Hard Rockin' Bands - CD - 2014

1. Electric Man (Take You To The Sugar Shack)
2. Good Luck (It's Going To Hurt Right Now)
3. Secret (Just Bring Me A Jar Full Of Shine)
4. Play The Fool (The Way That Girls Talk)
5. Good Things (Boy With A Bomb In His Jacket)
6. Open My Eyes (Folding Like A Jack Knife)
7. Rich And The Poor (Her Teeth Bound By Braces)
8. Belle Starr (The Gem Inside Sparkles Yet)
9. Where I've Been (The Habit Wasn't Cheap)
10. Destination On Course (Slipped From The Rail)

Jay Buchanan - vocals
Scott Holiday - guitar
Dave Beste - bass
Michael Miley - drums

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